Protecting your vehicle’s appearance today
can increase the life of your vehicle and its value tomorrow.
Your vehicle is worth it!

The soft cloth that touches your vehicle is gentle and safe. When it is combined with high-pressure water and hard working detergents it is a highly effective way to clean your vehicle and give it that extra shine!

Hoppy’s Car Wash has been Marietta’s finest full service car wash and detail center since 1997.

Due to the growth in Cobb County and our customers looking for a great wash at a great price we expanded.

With our new location in Austell we can better serve our customers and save you precious time while keeping your vehicle sparkling clean at a reasonable price.

As your vehicle enters our conveyor wash tunnel we foam on a specially  formulated cleaner to the tires that removes dirt and cleans and brightens whitewalls.

Next, your vehicle is enveloped with advanced, patented formulas that clean and shine powerfully, yet safely. At every step in the process, each product works with the next one using our specialized equipment to give you a cleaner, shinier car.

Three coats of an advance silicone-formulated polish are applied to the vehicle. The triple-coat formula improves shine and helps protect the surface of your vehicle from sun damage and acid rain.

For the final step of the wash process we use a
Clear Coat Protectant. A silicone-fortified protectant is applied to your vehicle’s surface, providing luster and protection to the clear coat as well as other types of paint surfaces.

A car just drives better when it’s cleaned at Hoppy’s!


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